The Hummingbird Revolution Reviews
"(Once again) a remarkable album: (...) Very creative and with a skillful approach to many different genres" - Classic Rock (Germany)
"Despite her stylistic variety, one thing runs through her work like a golden thread: The fact that Lesley finds her own voice in every stylistic niche and that her songwriting and interpretational work is outstanding." - Westzeit Magazine (Germany)
"The instruments sound natural, leaving enough space for the voice and effects only used when they're favorable for the song. (...)Lesley Kernochan says the tracks are a musical love letter to our planet.  A love letter couldn't be more beautiful."  - Hifi Stars (Germany)
"The whole album is so life-affirming." - Junge Welt (Germany)
A Calm Sun Reviews
"uniquely beautiful album...ethereal voice...lively and sharp intelligence" - NoDepression (The Journal of Roots Music)

"★★★★" - Rolling Stone Germany
"[Lesley] casts herself in a place delicately between the soundscape of Kacey Musgraves and Norah Jones—studied and soft-spoken, yet rollicking. Altogether, Kernochan makes a compelling case on her national debut." - PopMatters

"a first rate singer/songwriter...At first glance, she comes across as a cross between Carole King and Joni intimacy that's alluring and compelling...exceptional imagery combined with her lofty melodies that offer every indication that Kernochan's talent has emerged fully formed. Hypnotic, engaging and with a lustre all its own..." - Country Standard Time
"Sweet, heartfelt, and soul-bearing, the music of Lesley Kernochan is quick to fall in love with." - For Folk's Sake
"A witty lyricist...she serves up the goods most righteously here on this winner of a set. Hot stuff." - Midwest Record
"introspective and gorgeous...My initial impression is that this reminds me of Gillian Welch - and I mean that as high praise." - Joe Wolfe-Mazeres/Ear To The Ground Music
"☆☆☆☆ The music is surprisingly multi-faceted...Favorite tunes: The oddly titled 'Les petits mondes sont partout (The Little Worlds Are Everywhere),' the pedal steel–driven 'Country in the City,' 'Hurricane Eye' (driven by Sterling’s brush-work), a sometimes-roomy 'The Chocolate Tree' and the catchy 'Loving Family.'" - Sun Herald
"When you listen to Lesley Kernochan you somehow feel home right away in her likeable world – no matter if you are familiar with country or if you have ever been to Nashville, New York or LA. "A Calm Sun" seems to be rising on the American songwriter sky. " - HR1 Album of the Week Review 2017
"I was captivated within about 30 seconds of this album, where Lesley Kernochan sounds a little bit like Nanci Griffith getting jazzy, or maybe Madeleine Peyroux, and has not only written all the songs here, she also lays down some terrific groves over the course of the album..." - Country Music People Magazine UK
Reviews of Previous Albums:

"If you were to blend the eclectic musical stylings of Nellie McKay and add the incredible voice range of Kate Bush, you may begin to understand the wild ride Lesley Kernochan will take you on.  No need to pigeonhole Ms.Kernochan - that's virtually impossible and while it may be a frustration for many reviewers and music buffs, it's a breath of fresh air to me.  I have listened to this music countless times over the past few weeks, enjoying it more every time."
- Diane Kidman's Carp(e) Libris 2009

“Kernochan’s jazzy pop is intelligent, playful, and has plenty of nuance and groove to boot.”  - CDBaby Pick of the Week 2009
"Filled with unending, smile-inducing brilliance!  This album [Undulating] is the best surprise of the year so far.  There are moments here where Lesley is simply unbelievalbe."  - Daniel Flessas, KBOO 90.7FM Portland, OR